How it Started

My journey into the realm of product development and project management was a turbulent ride, far from the traditional nine-to-five. Out of college, I found myself thrust into the world of sales, racking up early wins across diverse industries.

Yet, beneath the surface, a restless energy simmered. The products I sold never quite scratched that insatiable itch for the right fit. It was then, amidst the rising trajectory of the e-commerce world, that I stumbled upon the siren song of footwear. I plunged headfirst into the abyss of shoe design and development, birthing my own brainchild: Paul Hardt.

Launching a footwear venture was akin to embarking on an intense psychedelic journey into the unknown. Every twist and turn sharpened my skills in product development, project management, and the art of navigating the chaotic realm of startups. While Paul Hardt may have veered from its original path, its spirit and legal standing remains alive and well.

Amidst detours into the landscapes of food safety, mobile applications, and early artificial intelligence, I stumbled upon a profound revelation—the transformative power of technology. In the throes of chaos, I learned the art of crafting products that are useful and projects that deliver within scope and on time—a lesson that would reverberate through my journey.

Then, as the pandemic sent shockwaves rippling through the food and beverage industry, I found myself thrust into the uncharted waters of Post-Acute Healthcare. Here, amidst international chaos and uncertainty, I discovered a new canvas to channel my passion for innovation. Teaming up with Health Link, we embarked on a venture to revolutionize patient outcomes and streamline processes—a journey still in its infancy, yet brimming with promise.

Drawing from this tapestry of experiences, I forged my own path, founding a project management and advisory firm. Collaborating with to dive headfirst into the depths of consumer understanding, innovation, and strategic partnerships, sculpting visions into reality with a fearless tenacity.

As I reflect on this odyssey, one thing is clear—the adventure has only just begun. And in the immortal words of Hunter S. Thompson, "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

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