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Designed for the city

Is it ridiculous to want shoes you can wear all day in the city? Are we crazy to believe this can be done fashionably?

We think not...

Our best seller

The Manhattan Ankle Boot

The Manhattan Ankle Boot


You know that you can’t build your personal brand with throw away footwear.

Just because you work a long day doesn’t mean your feet should feel it. From slip resistance, to arch support and supple Nappa leather this ankle boot at the crossroads of comfort and style. This is the boot you deserve. Never settle.


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Materials Matter

When the company that makes your lining has been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame you know you’re in for a treat. Outlast® technology was originally designed for NASA, it absorbs, stores and releases heat to reduce sweat and odor.

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Our 5 keys to


At Paul Hardt we believe that adhering to our core values will lead to success. This pattern includes five symbols that represent our approach to work and life. Click on one below. 

Give Love


My mom always said, "You've got to give it away to keep it." We believe if you help enough people, you can get anything you want in life. 

Unlock your potential

Do the work

The best investment you can make is in yourself. There are no shortcuts; developing as a human takes time and in the end pays dividends. 

Live Life


Like any great cocktail, the key to life is balance. Life is short, while we're working hard, we have to remember to live it up. 

Be your best self


Morality is doing the right thing, even when no one's looking. It's suiting up and showing up. 

BE present


Be courageous enough not to fear the future. The present moment is all we ever have so enjoy each moment life has to offer. 

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