Classic styling

Built to match the ambiance and professionalism of your workplace. Always feel confident, even when it feels like you're in athletic shoes.

Crafted Quality

Our factory in Portugal has been family owned since 1935. Artisans stitch each shoe by hand to guarantee lasting comfort. 

Designed to perform

Flexible non-slip sole, supple waterproof leather, and lined with Outlast technical fabric to keep your feet cool. 

Featured Product

The Manhattan

Word on the Street

What do we do?

What do we do?

Sell Shoes - Paul Hardt. We have created a brand that will inspire and lead. Our brand brings to life the principles and standards we’ve set for ou...

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Why start a company?

Why start a company?

Traditionally, it is because there is an opportunity in the marketplace, an underserved segment, and a new disruption that can change the game. Fo...

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Durability Matters

We used to work in the service industry and we know if you're going to invest in a quality shoe you have to know it will last.  We know our shoes will deliver so rest easy knowing that if anything does go wrong - we will replace your shoes. 



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