Why Paul Hardt?

People who work in the service industry are experts in their craft. A craftsman is only as good as his or her tools. Can a chef properly fillet a piece of salmon without a sharpened knife? How does a bartender crush the mint for a mojito without a muddler? Could a sommelier present the perfectly paired glass of wine without a wine key? Each of these tools is an extension of the professional, which allows them to hone their unique skills and talents.

Though they may be different, there is a common element missing at the foundation for each and every professional. We believe that proper footwear is essential to a fulfilling and healthy career.  

Paul Hardt’s shoes are designed to look great, no matter what side of the bar you’re standing on. Whether buried under a barrage of drink orders or enjoying a night on the town, the look and comfort of your shoes will be the last thing you’re worried about.

Our Pattern For Success

Unlock Potential

The key represents our commitment to the Paul Hardt motto: Never Settle. We believe that remaining vigilant and striving for excellence in every aspect of work and life will unlock doors. 

Stay Sharp

For too long work shoes have been focused on work functionality. Some brands have their focus on comfort. We focus on delivering products with style while utilizing high-performance technology to ensure comfort and utility behind the scenes. 


The heart is in the essence of our name. It stands for doing the right thing even when no one is looking. We try to maintain an attitude of gratitude as we have much to be thankful for.

Crafted Quality

Our goal is to put as much thought, creativity, and effort into our products as our amazing customers do. The bar and restaurant industry is playing at a higher level than ever before, we will deliver the tools to support that level of craftsmanship.

Hidden Secrets

Paul Hardt footwear does not say “work shoe” and it does not say “comfort shoe”. At first glance our classic styling and visible quality do not give way to our hidden gems inside. Built like a modern athletic shoe; everything under the hood screams performance while everything visible declares style.

Founder's Story

My first job in the restaurant industry was waiting tables at the Fish Market in San Mateo. As a college student at San Francisco State University, the flexible schedules of the restaurant industry went hand-in-hand with my hectic school schedule. Though I lacked  experience, I did well because I knew how I wanted to be treated when dining in a restaurant. So I  treated people with respect, strove to be ahead of their expectations, and had fun!

One day, someone didn’t show up for their bar shift. I jumped behind the bar to get us through the day, and suddenly I was thrown into bartending!

The shifts were longer and more strenuous. Nine years of football had taken its toll on my body and after six months of 6-12 hour days on my feet in cheap, non-slip rubber “work shoes” I embarked on a quest for better footwear. After trying every available “non-slip” shoe on the market I realized that there was no premium footwear for people in the service industry who cared about comfort and the way they look.

The more I indulged in the San Francisco food scene, the more respect I gained for people in the service industry. The best waiters wowed me with their menu knowledge, their thoughtfulness, their ability to anticipate people’s needs and their attention to detail. It helped me realize that great service is all about going above and beyond and never overlooking the little things, the details.

That’s what we are about at Paul Hardt.