Launching on Kickstarter in May 2018

Footwear for Professionals

Whether you're behind the bar, at the table, or door to door you'll be supported.  We've developed high-performance, luxury footwear built for the uncommon professional. 

See How They're Made

What makes the difference?

  • Classic Styling

    Built to match the ambiance and professionalism of your workplace. Always feel confident, even when it "feels" like you're in running shoes. 

  • Designed to Perform

    Designed in London by Concept Kicks' Dan Bailey and David Mawdsley. Flexible non-slip sole, waterproof leather, and phase-change lining. 

  • Crafted Quality

    Made in Portugal by a family owned factory in operation since 1935. For them, making shoes is an artform. 


Can we purchase shoes now?

YES! We're officially launching on Kickstarter in May but you can try our early production units now for a 30% discount. Check out the Featured collection below. Inventory is limited. 

How can we test the product?

Send us an email with some information about you, where you work, and why you're interested in testing the product with us.

How can we stay up to date?

Sign up on our email list at the bottom of the page. Follow us on instagram @thepaulhardt. 

Featured collection

The Manhattan

The Manhattan

Regular price $209.30

The Sazerac

The Sazerac

Regular price $195.30