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Footwear for Professionals

From the city streets to being on the clock, we've got your back. Keeping modern-day aesthetics in mind, we've created luxury footwear that performs - We Guarantee It.

See How They're Made

What makes the difference?

  • Classic Styling

    Built to match the ambiance and professionalism of your workplace. Always feel confident, even when it feels like you're in athletc shoes. 

  • Designed to Perform

    Flexible non-slip sole, supple waterproof leather, and lined with Outlast technical fabric to keep your feet cool. 

  • Crafted Quality

    Our factory in Portugal has been family owned since 1935. Artisans stitch each shoe by hand to guarantee lasting comfort.

Our Factory Sample Collection - Available for a limited time

The Sazerac - Samples

The Sazerac - Samples

Regular price $199.00

The Manhattan - Samples

The Manhattan - Samples

Regular price $229.00

Durability Matters

We used to work in the service industry and we know if you're going to invest in a quality shoe you have to know it will last.  We know our shoes will deliver so rest easy knowing that if anything does go wrong - we will replace your shoes. 

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Is there a Warranty?

Our Guarantee: 

One shift's tips for the best year of your life. Any issues with the shoe, exchange them for free - On Us. 

How can we stay up to date?

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