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My first job in the restaurant industry was waiting tables at the Fish Market in San Mateo. One day, someone didn’t show up for their bar shift. I jumped behind the bar to get us through the day and suddenly I was thrown into bartending!

Bar shifts are long and strenuous. Nine years of football had taken its toll on my body and after months of 12 hour shifts in cheap, non-slip “work shoes” I embarked on a quest for better footwear. After realizing a high-quality product didn't exist I teamed up with two friends and we set out to make our own. My first trip to Portugal in our very first factory, I knew I was in the right place. 

As a family owned business since 1935 they treated me like family and showed me the art of shoemaking. After two years of design, development, trips to Portugal, and countless iterations, we've created, what we believe is, an outstanding product. And we promise to deliver outstanding service to match

- Austin Degenhardt, CEO 



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Most of us worked service industry jobs. We know it is important to deliver a great product
in addition to outstanding service! 

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