How will the vision come to fruition?

It starts with our guiding principles:

Never Settle.
At Paul Hardt we will never settle for anything less than outstanding. This means that our materials, manufacturers, design, shipping, returns, customer service, employee benefits, culture, investors, board, team, all will be held to the highest standard. We constantly ask ourselves, are we settling or is this truly the best?

Be Disciplined.
Just because coach isn’t looking doesn’t mean you cut the corners. Discipline is an internal game and Self Respect is the fruit of discipline. Let that sink in deeply and make all decisions with that principle in mind. We set the standard and do our best to live it every day.

Always do the right thing.
If a shopping cart is in the middle of the parking lot, we’re the ones to put it back. We will take the extra moment to hold open the door and wait the extra moment to send that text after parking. There are no shortcuts in life because where are we going? A shortcut to the end of life is... Death. We seek the right path and do what feels right always, even when it is annoying to the voice in our heads that is always in a rush...

Always have an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is how we start off our day. Thankful for the breath in our lungs, the freedom and wealth of our country, and the beauty that surrounds us! Rain or shine grateful for each moment we are graced with life on this planet. Life’s hidden meaning of grace: life is an unearned gift. Let’s be thankful for it!

Give it away to keep it.
Always be in Service, always contribute where we can, and try to go beyond. The best way to ensure our success is to give away what we can and support those around us. That is why we will be introducing a giving back program within the first year of operations.

Simplify Choices.
In retail today, unlimited choices lead to overwhelm and disempower the customer. One option is not a choice but more than three quickly becomes too many. We see this often in hygiene, clothing, automobiles, nearly every aspect of consumer decision making. Infinite options lead to indecision and inaction. We are not the place to come for a thousand options, we see the path clearly and get as close to the right path as possible.

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