About Paul Hardt


Austin's Story

My first job in the restaurant industry was waiting tables at the Fish Market in San Mateo. As a college student at San Francisco State University, the flexible schedules of the restaurant industry adapted easily to my hectic school schedule. Though I lacked  experience, I did well because I knew how I wanted to be treated when dining in a restaurant. I  treated people with respect, strove to be ahead of their expectations, and had fun!

One day, someone didn’t show up for their bar shift. I jumped behind the bar to get us through the day and suddenly I was thrown into bartending!

The shifts were longer and more strenuous. Nine years of football had taken its toll on my body and after six months of 6-12 hour days on my feet in cheap, non-slip rubber “work shoes” I embarked on a quest for better footwear. After trying every available “non-slip” shoe on the market I realized that there was no quality footwear for people in the service industry who valued comfort and style.

The more I indulged in the San Francisco food and bar scene, the more respect I gained for people in the service industry. The best waiters wowed me with their menu knowledge, their thoughtfulness, their ability to anticipate people’s needs and their attention to detail. It helped me realize that great service is all about going above and beyond and never overlooking the little things, the details.
At Paul Hardt we are focused on the little things, the details that will make your experience one to remember.