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You know that you can’t build your personal brand with throw away footwear.

Just because you work a double doesn’t mean you need to feel like it at the end of the day. From slip resistance, to arch support and supple Nappa leather this ankle boot is what appears at the crossroads of support and style. Creating the experience only you can give starts with footwear you deserve. Never settle.

Our Warranty: 

You can expect perfection from Paul Hardt footwear for one year. That’s 52 weeks...or 365 days...or 8760 hours depending on how you want to look at it. If your shoes rip, tear, or get a hole in them, leather or sole, Paul Hardt will repair or replace them so you can stay on the floor. After all, that’s where careers are built.


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At the Peak of Your Shift the Hottest Thing Should Be Your Personal Brand - Not Your Feet

You already know your feet are the foundation you need to build a solid career. All we need to do now is show you all the ways we’re going to help keep you safe and keep you looking good. 

Outlast® Lining - Inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame

  • Phase Change Material helps your feet sweat up to 44% less
  • Reverse Thermal Storage displaces heat like ice in a drink
  • Makes leather last longer with proper heat and moisture displacement

High Performance Footbed with Rogers Poron®

  • Engineered and unmatched shock absorption for long shifts
  • Cushion designed to protect your heel which carries the lion’s share of your weight
  • Lightweight and flexible material all but eliminates unnecessary foot fatigue

Bolflex Rubber Outsole Made from Eco-Rubber

  • Slip resistant to keep you safe on wet surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly - made from recycled rubber
  • Flexible and ready for the diverse conditions a shift brings
  • Working, walking and bad weather - doesn’t matter with the durability of real rubber

Full-Grain Leathers

  • Supple Nappa and suede leather means no more long, painful break-in period
  • Quickly molds to your foot  
  • Performs like a work shoe but feels like a running shoe

Customer Reviews

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Most comfortable boot I’ve worn

I’ve tried a lot of boots, they usually break in in 1-3 months. This leather is soft, after one or two days I felt like I was in running shoes - that’s amazing to me!

The best

Best industry shoes I've ever worn!