Service Mavens Episode 1: Justin Goo

Justin Goo Looking suited up before a wedding

October 06, 2017

My first guest is Justin Goo. Justin is the GM and Bartender at Bourbon and Branch, the world-renowned speakeasy in San Francisco. If You haven’t been to Bourbon and Branch before, call in to get a password, don’t order a Cosmo and follow the RULES!

Justin has worked in every aspect of the industry from dive bars, nightclubs, restaurants and craft cocktail joints so his experience is diverse and his perspective is unique. He’s spent time at Restaurant Gary Danko and he helped open Alexander’s steakhouse.

He even has a little hobby of going to three Michelin Star restaurants like the French Laundry. Unfortunately, we didn’t get that story on the podcast but let us know on the blog if you want to hear more, cause we’ll have him on again!

I’ve broken this episode up so that You can listen to the entire conversation (FULL CONVERSATION) as well as into multiple segments so you can get the feel for the podcast.

Please let me know what You want more of. Leave comments, play nice, and let’s make this a place you want to come back to!


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Thank you and ENJOY!



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